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All of the highlights from week 3!

The Voice UK returned for a third episode this weekend, as the Blind Auditions continued with another group of talented singers vying for a turn from the Coaches.

This weekend provided some incredible performances as well as moments of joy, from Emma Willis doing the school run with our Coaches - whilst they all had a sing-along! - to a performance that saw all four Coaches turn.

Olly Murs also brought the excitement this week, entertaining the studio audience with his version of ‘Superstitious’ after the Coaches discussed the importance of song choice.

Scroll down for all these highlights and more from the show in our gallery...

Harrisen Larner-Main impressed with both his hair and his performance.

Who’s through to the battles? Week 3

This weekend’s episode of The Voice UK provided some fun moments and incredible performances, but the question is, who made it through to the Battles?

Meet all the singers who got a turn from the Coaches:

Luke Swatman - Team JHud
Christina Ellinas - Team Will
Harrisen Larner-Main - Team Olly
Jimmy Balito - Team Tom
NXTGEN - Team Will
Sarah Tucker - Team JHud

Don't forget to tune in at 8pm next Saturday 26th Jan, on ITV and STV, for more brilliant Blind Auditions.