6 Reasons why we love our Coaches!

The Voice UK Coaches may be competing against each other to find the next singing sensation, but it’s good vibes only for this happy family!

We’re feeling the lurrrrve at the end of a rollercoaster set of Blind Auditions, so in the spirit of Valentine’s Day we’re taking a moment to appreciate Anne-Marie, Olly, Tom and will.iam, and the ways in which this fab four have brightened our Saturday nights! Swoon...

1. Their endless array of facial expressions

Our Coaches never know who’s about to walk onto The Voice UK stage - and a rollercoaster of emotions is often so perfectly etched on our Coaches’ shooketh faces as those first phenomenal notes hit the air. Luckily for us, there are plenty of cameras around to capture it...

2. Their show-stopping performances

Anne-Marie, Olly, Tom and Will have got dozens of chart-topping hits between them, not to mention careers that span decades and millions of fans around the world. It’s no surprise then that an impromptu performance from one of them (or better yet - all of them) makes us happier than a Saturday night takeaway.

3. They’re just like us sometimes

They might be phenomenally successful international superstars, but when the Coaches get chatting, they reveal that sometimes they want nothing more than a good old sandwich. Or some guacamole. Or a cuddle. One word: RELATE.

4. They’ve got each other’s backs

It’s no secret that The Voice UK is a competition, but there have been so many moments when our Coaches have put their own will to win aside to make sure no Coach gets left behind, and it makes our hearts swell! From will.i.am not hitting his button so that Anne-Marie could finally get the rapper she’d been waiting for, to Tom getting some encouraging words about waiting for the right Act to complete his Team, to sending virtual hugs across the studio when a Blind Audition leaves a Coach feeling emotional, these guys have got each other covered.

5. They’re just really good at being Coaches

Coaches gonna Coach, and there’s no finer four to impart wisdom on our Acts than these guys. With their breadth of experience across the music industry, Anne-Marie, Olly, Tom and Will can sniff out potential like nobody else, and they’re amazing at giving our hopeful singers some constructive feedback to ensure they come out fighting in The Battles. Aww.

6. They’ve got the love!

It goes without saying that we’re in some pretty strange times at the moment. But while the audience may be virtual and the Coaches’ red chairs may be further apart, music will never fail to bring people together and over the past seven weeks the Coaches have endlessly brought the feel good factor to our living rooms. Whether we’re laughing at their silly jokes, watching them react to an unbelievable Blind Audition or screaming ‘Hit the button!’ at them from the comfort of our sofas, The Voice UK just wouldn’t be the same without our Coaches!