Blessing Chitapa's Journey to the Semi-Final

She’s the pocket performer with one mighty voice - Blessing Chitapa has been on a note-perfect journey to the Semi-Finals with Team Olly! Let’s remind ourselves how she did it.

Blind Audition

Blessing took her place as Team Olly’s youngest recruit after wowing him with her soulful version of Etta James’s ‘I’d Rather Go Blind’ in the Blind Auditions. That voice - WOW!

The Battles

In one of the most memorable Battles of the series, the 17-year-old rewrote the score on Westlife’s ‘Flying Without Wings’ alongside Beryl McCormack.

While it was Blessing that Olly picked to go through, Beryl was also saved by Meghan’s Steal. Phew!

The Knockouts

Blessing took her talent to the next level as she entered the Knockouts, delivering an unbelievable version of Arlissa’s ‘We Won’t Move’.

Olly was left stunned, and when the crowd FINALLY stopped cheering there was no option but to take this smiling singer through to the Semi-Final!