Fantastic Four Chair Turns!

We love it when a Coach hits their button for an Act, but we love it even more when ALL four of our Coaches push their button for an Act!

Hearing incredible talent at the Blind Auditions leaves us screaming at the telly, and when the Coaches agree, we happily crown ourselves Coaches in the making too. Let’s look at some of the most memorable four chair turns from the past few years...

1. Remember Monday (2019)

Country group Remember Monday were the first ever trio to audition for The Voice UK, in 2019. Best friends Lauren, Charlotte and Holly performed Seal’s ‘Kiss From A Rose’ with a country twist, and their dreamy harmonies had the Coaches spinning in their chairs.

2. Sarah Tucker (2019)

Sarah Tucker’s version of Shawn Mendes’ ‘In My Blood’ stopped us all in our tracks as her tone cut through the Coaches, the audience, and the telly! The mum of two delivered an absolutely gorgeous performance - and a mind-blowing range!

3. Brooke Scullion (2020)

Brooke Scullion was the first Act of 2020 to audition, and bagged the first four chair turn of the series with her astonishing version of Lewis Capaldi’s ‘Bruises’ - much to her disbelief! The Derry student found herself with a tough choice on her hands as she had the pick of our superstar Coaches, but newbie Meghan came out fighting and secured her very first Act after an impressive pitch!

4. Mike Platt (2019)

An unforgettable audition from one of the first Acts of 2019, Mike Platt came out with serious intent as he belted out an epic rendition of ‘Show Me Heaven’ by Maria McKee. His unique voice and limitless range had whacking that button with the remaining Coaches soon following suit, leaving Olly in utter disbelief when he turned around. This really is the essence of The Voice UK!

5. Cedric Neal (2019)

The incredible Cedric Neal all but blew the Coaches away with his soul-for-days version of Stevie Wonder’s Higher Ground - so much so that Jennifer was out of her seat and throwing her shoes before the performance was over! This is a Blind Audition that we will never tire of watching.

6. Beryl McCormack (2020)

Make-up artist Beryl went from Adele’s ‘Turning Tables’ to turning chairs as she stunned the studio into silence with her beautiful take on this huge song choice!

7. Mo Jamil (2017)

It was clear that Mo Jamil had something special from the moment he hit his very first note, and the Coaches felt it too as they turned their chairs and the studio turned electric! Mo, who was just 21 at the time, knocked his Blind Audition out of the park with this unreal version of ‘Iron Sky’, before going on to win the entire series in 2017.