Gevanni Hutton's Journey to the Final

Young Gevanni Hutton is probably one of the most humble Acts to ever appear on The Voice UK, and his incredible voice has left us feeling teary on more than one occasion! Take a look at his road to the Semi-Final with Team Will.

Blind Audition

The 17-year-old’s Blind Audition was a powerful one. Choosing the epic ‘Everybody’s Free (To Feel Good)’ by Quindon Tarver to perform, his bold song choice paid off as Will turned his chair.

With his Dad by his side cheering him on as he reduced Will to tears while speaking about his family, Gevanni made quite the impression on his new Coach.

The Battles

Gevanni headed into the Battles with another iconic track, delivering a gorgeous version of John Lennon’s ‘Imagine’, going against fellow Act Shauna Byrne.

It was a tough call for Will, but the student graciously accepted his victory - and a spot in the Knockouts.

The Knockouts

With the help of Guest Mentor Jesy Nelson, who declared “Gevanni has my whole heart”, Gevanni got himself Knockouts ready, stunning the crowd with Birdy’s version of ‘People Help The People’.

The performance left Will just as stunned, and saw Gevanni earn his place in the final 8!

The Semi-Final

Gevanni opted for a throwback song choice for his Semi-Final performance, covering Jimmy Cliff’s ‘Many Rivers To Cross’.

By the end of the song there wasn’t a dry eye left in the (virtual) audience, with Will being so blown away he just had to give Gevanni a place in the Final!