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In Pictures: Backstage at The Battles!

A lot goes on behind the scenes at The Voice UK to get our Coaches ready and our studio floor shiny! We equipped some willing spies with a disposable camera to capture some of the action, with just a hint of grainy nostalgia from days long before camera phones existed. Remember winding the film on? Us neither... Enjoy!

Anne-Marie makes herself at home in her chair after arriving on set.

Time to hit the make-up chair! It's the slippers for us.

Always smiling (even in his pants!) Olly gets a little touch up between takes.

Sir Tom surveys the stage where his Acts are about to Battle it out!

Will makes his way to set, with some tough choices ahead...

Absolute perfection from Anne-Marie.

Another quick make-up touch up for Olly. We're sensing a theme here!

The studio's ready, the virtual audience are ready... let's see some singers!

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