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In Pictures: The 2021 Last Blind Auditions!

Aaaand scene! After a whirlwind seven weeks packed full of incredible singing talent, the Coaches Teams are complete for 2021! We've got 40 Acts about to hit The Battles, but first let's take a look at how those final few turns were locked in!

Tascha Jerawan opened the show with a powerful Bishop Briggs number and bagged herself the final spot on Team Olly...

...and our reigning Coach champion was thrilled!

Twins and vocal powerhouse duo 2ché impressed Sir Tom with their audition and style.

Next up to earn herself a spot on Team Will was Nadia Eide, whose operatic performance from the movie Gladiator had all of the Coaches and Emma Willis shook!

Have you ever seen a happier will.i.am?

Craig Eddie's INCREDIBLE performance of 'Make It Rain' by Foy Vance made everyone's jaws well and truly hit the floor, but it was Anne-Marie who turned and completed her team!

Anne-Marie was feeling it...

...whilst Olly was absolutely furious that he couldn't hit his button.

As the auditions continued, the pressure became too much for poor Tom Jones as he held out for that special someone to take the final place in his team.

AT LAST! Sami Nathan came along with an unreal version of an Etta James classic and made Sir Tom one happy Coach.

Welcome to the final 40 Sami!

Our Coaches were thrilled to have their final Act to complete the 2021 Blind Auditions!

Next stop... The Battles!

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