Our Most Memorable Coach + Act Duets!

We know our superstar Coaches can put on a show but sometimes when they join forces with our Acts, something special happens. We're looking at back at some of the most memorable duets and serendipitous songs from the past few years. Let's relive some magic!

1. will.i.am and Michelle John’s ‘I Feel For You’ (2017 Final)

This performance is one delicious dose of soul! Powerhouse vocalist Michelle John reaches pitch perfection as she and will.i.am treat us to something special at the 2017 Final.

2. Tom Jones and Ruti Olajugbagbe’s ‘What A Wonderful World’ (2018 Final)

There’s something truly mesmerising about this duet between Sir Tom and 2018 Finalist Ruti Olajugbagbe, as they command the audience to silence with perfect tone and gorgeous harmonies before Ruti went on to win the series. One to hit play on again and again.

3. Tom Jones and Peter Donegan’s ‘I’ll Never Fall Again’ (2019 Blind Auditions)

Peter headed into his 2019 Blind Audition sharing a special connection with one of our Coaches. His late father Lonnie wrote songs for our very own Tom Jones, including the hit ‘I’ll Never Fall Again’. When Sir Tom discovered this after pressing his button for Peter, the pair took to the stage for a one of a kind emotional performance. Take a look at this truly special moment.

4. Jennifer Hudson and Mo Jamil’s ‘Beneath Your Beautiful’ (2017 Final)

2017 winner Mo Jamil had something very special, but this duet with superstar J-Hud created some next level magic. Get your ears around this stunning version of Labrinth’s ‘Beneath Your Beautiful’ from the live Final.

5. Olly Murs and Jimmy Balito’s ‘All Right Now’ (2019 Final)

After auditioning in 2018 but failing to get any turns, Jimmy made the ultimate comeback the following year, earning not just one but two turns for his performance of ‘Higher Love’. He was thrown another lifeline after a tough Battle, when Olly Murs used his Steal to keep him in the competition. Jimmy then soared all the way to the Final, where he performed this fab duet with his Coach. What a journey!

6. Jennifer Hudson and Nicole Dennis’s ‘And I’m Telling You’ (2019 Blind Auditions)

It was the pitch to end all pitches when Jennifer Hudson offered to sing with Nicole Dennis back in 2019. After earning three turns for her performance of ‘Never Enough’ in her Blind Audition, Nicole revealed that she’d played Effie in Dreamgirls, and Jennifer couldn’t NOT join her on stage for a magical performance of ‘And I’m Telling You’. Did we mention that J-Hud happens to be Nicole’s icon? Incredible.