The most mind-blowing high notes of the series!

The clue is in the name… The Voice UK is all about those vocals! Each year we think we’ve heard it all, but the endless talent hitting that stage seemingly has no limits!

You don’t have to have Mariah’s range to impress our superstar Coaches, but there are the occasional few that stand out. Let’s take a look at the 2020 Acts that hit the high notes.

1. Johannes Pietsch

Shy student Johannes stunned on the stage with a beautiful version of the Julie Andrews classic ‘The Sound Of Music’, but our mouths REALLY hit the floor when the 18-year-old hit some seriously impressive opera notes. And despite his classical performance, Johannes also displayed his ‘versatilities’ by reaching his whistle register like his icon Ariana Grande - leaving the Coaches speechless.

2. Oli Ross

Leeds lady Oli Ross sailed through her Blind Audition with a stunning version of AWOL Nation’s ‘Sail’, using her unique arrangement to show off her impressive vocal range, and earning chair turns from a super impressed Meghan, Will and Olly in the process.

3. Beryl McCormack

Beryl blew the Coaches away from the moment she hit her first note, earning a Four Chair turn from the Coaches with her pitch-perfect version of Adele’s ‘Turning Tables’ at the Blind Auditions. She reached new heights alongside Blessing Chitapa in one of the most memorable Battles of series, but it was the Knockouts where Beryl hit superstar status with her soulful and unforgettable version of Celine Dion’s ‘Because You Loved Me’.

4. Alan Chan

Proud father Alan Chan showed us notes on a whole other level when he sang his heart (and lungs) out at the Blind Auditions. The 40-year-old's stand out rock version of ‘You Know My Name’ had Olly out of his seat and the remaining Coaches unusually lost for words!

5. Claudillea Holloway

The Coaches could NOT believe their ears when Claudillea Holloway mesmerised the entire audience with her original version of ‘The Queen of the Night Aria’ from The Magic Flute Opera. The 24-year-old put a modern twist on the classical choice, and a visibly tormented Will was prevented from turning as he’d already filled up his Team, leaving Meghan free to take Claudillea’s incredible sound for her own.