The Voice UK 2019 Voting Stats

Please note that some percentages have been rounded and may not add up to exactly 100%

THE LIFELINE VOTEBethzienna Williams 26.40%Ayanam Udoma 11.15%Sarah Tucker 10.74%Roger Samuels 8.95%Remember Monday 6.08%Stefan Mahendra 5.19%Bukky Oronti 5.00%Gabriel Dryss 4.02%Harrisen Larner-Main 4.01%Callum Butterworth 3.49%Georgia Bray 3.25%Christina Ellinas 3.02%Equip to Overcome 2.59%Ilianna 2.17%Connie Lamb 2.02%Eva Campbell 1.93%

Bethzienna returned to the competition after being saved by the public.

THE LIVE SEMI-FINALMolly 26.8%Jimmy 17.69%Deana 15.21%Bethzienna 12.2%Cedric 8.54%Emmanuel7.36%Nicole 4.63%NxtGen 4.37%Moya 3.19%

Molly, Jimmy, Deana and Bethzienna went through to the Final.

THE LIVE FINAL - FIRST VOTEMolly 38.49%Deana 29.54%Jimmy 19.66%Bethzienna 12.31%

The viewer vote was frozen during the show and the couple with the lowest rank left the competition in fourth and third place. Molly and Deana went through to perform their Song of the Series.

THE LIVE FINAL - SECOND VOTEMolly 55.2%Deana 44.8%

Molly was crowned the winner of The Voice UK 2019!