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All the highlights from the Blind Auditions: Week Three

Our Host Emma Willis always looks incREDible!

Jazzy B was thrilled to land a space on Team Jessie J

Danny closes his eyes to focus on the music...

Ryan's dreams came true when he got to play a McFly song with his new Coach Danny!

The Mack Man proved he had the moves and the tunes to make will.i.am turn

Aiysha cruised into Team Jessie with her gorgeous cover of 'What a Difference a Day Makes'

Pixie Lott takes it all in.

Colin shared his love of his budgie Bob with the Coaches

Adorable Peyton won the Coaches over with her cover of a Disney classic!

Wren couldn't believe it when Danny turned for her!

Cheeky chap Danny teamed up with our own cheeky chap.....Danny Jones!

The Coaches started to feel the pressure of their teams filling up...

Chloe wowed the crowd - and the Coaches! - with her brave performance

The Coaches congratulate Chloe in the big red chairs

All the highlights from the Blind Auditions: Week Two

Lil Shan Shan opened the show with her impressive rapping skills AND the splits!

will.i.am wanted more, more, more!

Conor impressed Danny with his original song

Keira gave us all chills with her theatrical rendition of 'Neverland'

Aimee couldn't believe it when Pixie turned for her!

Rosa was LITERALLY floored when her favourite Coach will.i.am turned for her

Adi's tone had the Coaches fighting over him after his performance

Danny had fun with his pitching

Brother and Sister duo Sweet Harmony were thrilled with a turn from Pixie!

Freddie didn't make it through to the Battles, but left the Coaches with a cool dance class

Gracie-Jayne's powerful performance gave everyone chills!

It was second time lucky for the lovely Mykee-D with a turn from Danny!