Name: Jennifer
Team: Danny
Age: 10
From: Merseyside
Sung: ‘Call Me Maybe' by Carly-Rae Jepsen

Jennifer is a self-confessed 'dreamer' - she has all her favourite pop idols on her wall in her room with a picture of herself in the middle! When Jennifer's not singing and dreaming of a day where she's big enough to 'change the world', she enjoys meditating with her Mum and attends church on a Sunday.


Name: Pardis
Team: Pixie
Age: 13
From: London
Sung: ‘Summertime' by George Gershwin

Pardis' Mum's first memory of her daughter was her singing ‘Twinkle, twinkle little star’ when she was three years old, and even at that young age people commented on how ‘pitch perfect’ she was. Little did her and her Mum know back then that at the age of 13 Pardis would be auditioning for a place in The Voice Kids UK!

Fast forward to now, Pardis has racked up an incredible 7 music scholarships, sings in her local choir, at weddings, and writes poems and stories in her spare time.


Name: Zoe
Team: Will
Age: 13
From: Aylesbury
Sung: ‘Wade In The Water' by Eva Cassidy

Zoe's a self-confessed adrenaline seeker and is absolutely in love with theme-parks and rollercoasters. She's fearless and thrives when she's outside her comfort zones, which will hopefully give her an edge when she gets on The Voice Kids UK stage!

Musical theatre's a big part of Zoe's life - she's been in Oliver Twist and The Little Mermaid. In her spare time she does theatre school and enjoys jazz music.


Name: Alice
Team: Pixie
Age: 14
From: Twickenham
Sung: ‘One And Only' by Adele

Alice was born in Rio de Janeiro but her dad's job took her family to California when she was 4 years old. In 2010, Alice and her the family moved to the UK and now call England home! Although Alice has been building her following online, she's still working on improving her confidence and is hoping that The Voice Kids UK can help - her teacher once encouraged her to sing in a fish and chip shop and she got some free chips for her efforts.

Alice is very close with her family and says that her mum is one of her friends; they gossip, pamper and do makeup together. She loves to go the the cinema and go bowling with dad.