Name: Liam
Team: Pixie
Age: 12
From: Birmingham
Sung: ‘Lean On Me’ by Bill Withers

Liam was the last superstar singer to take to the stage on the first episode, and all four Coaches made the first ever singing pitch to get him on their teams! Singing has been Liam’s biggest joy ever since he got his first karaoke machine.


Name: Amaree
Team: Jessie J
Age: 14
From: Cardiff, Wales
Sung: ‘All In Love Is Fair’ by Stevie Wonder

Amaree’s passion for singing has sometimes got him into trouble at school, but on The Voice Kids UK it earned him a spot on Team Jessie J!

David and Ammani

Name: David and Ammani
Team: Will
Age: 14
From: Dublin, Ireland
Sung: ‘Let’s Get It Started’ by The Black Eyed Peas

David and Ammani are life-long best friends, who have even developed their own not-so-secret handshake. Their Black Eyed Peas cover in the blind auditions impressed Will, who invited them on to his team.

Caillin Joe

Name: Caillin Joe
Team: Pixie
Age: 10
From: Creggan, County Tyrone
Sung: ‘Irish Rover’ by The Pogues and The Dubliners

10-year-old Caillin Joe is a regular performer at local hotels and barn dances in his native County Tyrone. He’d call his debut album ‘Caillin’s Country’, and can't wait to show Pixie more of his moves!


Name: Sam
Team: Danny
Age: 13
From: Lewisham
Sung: ‘Like A Rolling Stone’ by Bob Dylan

Sam is a keen guitar and harmonica player, who also writes his own original songs. Sam’s family are his biggest supporters but, according to Sam, have never been great singers - so the source of his talent is a mystery!


Name: Charley
Team: Jessie J
Age: 13
From: South Wales
Sung: Ex-Factor’ by Lauryn Hill

Charley is an aspiring vlogger from South Wales, who regularly features her mum and nan in her videos. Her main passion however is singing, and she’s hoping to go all the way on The Voice Kids UK this year.


Name: Ivy
Team: Danny
Age: 12
From: Bromley
Sung: ‘Bye Bye Bye’ by *NSYNC

12-year-old Ivy is a singer and guitarist who loves to put her own unique spin on classic pop songs. She’s hoping her talent for making songs her own will take her to the Live Final.

Ava & Alfie

Name: Ava & Alfie
Team: Will
Age: Ava (9), Alfie (10)
From: Scotland
Sung: ‘Photograph’ by Ed Sheeran

Ava & Alfie are The Voice Kids UK’s first EVER duo - and “like an old married couple” according to their parents. They’re still deciding on their official duo name (and if they should date or not!)