Name: Martha
Team: Danny
Age: 13
From: Walsall, West Midlands
Sung: ‘How Will I Know’ by Whitney Houston (Sam Smith Version)

Martha was the very last singer to earn a spot on Team Danny, who pushed his button almost straight away after hearing Martha’s voice. She comes from a supportive family, with two musical mums.


Name: Lucy
Team: Pixie
Age: 13
From: Horndean, Hampshire
Sung: ‘Memory’ from Cats (Official Soundtrack)

Lucy is a dedicated singer, waking up at 5am on a Monday morning to catch the train to theatre school. She’s watched The Voice Kids UK for years, and performing on the show and securing a place on one of our Coaches’ teams is her dream.


Name: Jamie
Team: Will
Age: 13
From: Liverpool
Sung: ‘I Need’ by Maverick Sabre

If you asked Jamie to pick between Everton winning the League and doing well on The Voice Kids, he wouldn’t be able to choose! He admits that he doesn’t listen to his family when they tell him he’s a good singer because he thinks they’re biased, but after Will turned in the first 5 seconds of his audition, there’s no denying his talent.


Name: Pheobie
Team: Jessie J
Age: 13
From: Leicestershire
Sung: ‘Feels Like Home’ by Randy Newman

13-year-old Pheobie is the eldest of 5 siblings and always helps her Mum out. Pheobie says her family are her main inspiration: “When I sing, I think about family and how much they mean to me.”


Name: T’mya
Team: Will
Age: 12
From: Liverpool
Sung: L’Amore Sei Tu by Katherine Jenkins

As well as a talented singer, T’mya is also a keen fashion designer, and came up with the concept for her The Voice Kids UK dress herself. She says the one song that always puts her in a good mood is Roar by Katy Perry.


Name: Harry
Team: Jessie J
Age: 13
From: Lincoln
Sung: ‘Who You Are’ by Jessie J

It’s a bold move to sing one of the Coaches’ own songs, but it paid off for Harry, who earned his way on to Team Jessie J with a cover of ‘Who You Are’. Harry normally sings in his local church choir, but he’s got the stage to himself now!