Holly & Emily

Name: Holly & Emily
Team: Pixie
Age: 10 & 11
From: Dubai
Sung: ‘Someone Out There’ by Rae Morris

Holly & Emily travelled all the way from Dubai to get their chance to perform on The Voice Kids UK. If Holly could have any artist support her on tour, it’d be Ed Sheeran, while Emily would pick Paul McCartney.


Name: Joslyn
Team: Danny
Age: 11
From: Stoke-on-Trent
Sung: ‘Run’ by Snow Patrol

Hoping to make it all the way to the Final is Joslyn, from Stoke-on-Trent. Her first performance was singing ‘A Whole New World’ from Aladdin at her school talent show. Now on The Voice Kids UK, Joslyn’s come a long way!


Name: Connie
Team: Jessie J
Age: 11
From: Rotherham
Sung: ‘I Turn To You’ by Christina Aguilera

11-year-old Connie comes from a big family, and they’re always her most supportive audience. She’s a big Ariana Grande fan, and like her idol, possesses a BIG voice (and signature ponytail.)


Name: Raphael
Team: Will
Age: 13
From: Greenwich, London
Sung: ‘You Can’t Stop The Beat’ from Hairspray (Official Soundtrack)

Appearing on The Voice Kids UK isn’t Raphael’s first time on a big stage. He’s played Simba in Disney’s The Lion King on the West End, but this time, Raphael’s just being himself.


Name: Chloe
Team: Pixie
Age: 11
From: Nottingham
Sung: ‘She Used To Be Mine’ from Waitress

After having to miss her audition on The Voice Kids UK last year, Chloe is back this year to finally get her time to shine on stage. Her incredible audition performance earned her a spot on Team Pixie.


Name: Danny
Team: Danny
Age: 13
From: London
Sung: ‘We Are Stars’ by Calum Beattie

Danny started singing at a young age and has entered a couple of competitions, but nothing as big as The Voice Kids UK! His Dad is his biggest, proudest supporter, and drives him to all of his singing gigs.


Name: Wren
Team: Danny
Age: 14
From: Cheltenham
Sung: ‘Leave (Get Out)’ by JoJo

From Cheltenham, Wren’s two main passions are hockey and singing. With her “sometimes” embarrassing Mum’s support, she’s hoping to go all the way to the Live Final, under the wing of her Coach, Danny.


Name: Peyton
Team: Will
Age: 7
From: Glasgow
Sung: ‘Colours Of The Wind’ from Pocahontas

One of the youngest singers on the season, 7-year-old Peyton melted the Coaches’ hearts by singing a Disney classic for her blind audition. She even gave a special comic she had drawn, featuring the Coach turning after Peyton’s audition!