Episode Thirteen preview

In this episode we revisit some of the highlights of this series of The Wine Show. Joe Fattorini heads to South Africa for a taste of historic Vin de Constance. Matthew and Matthew take us on a whistle stop tour of all 12 bottles that went to make up The Wine Show Spirit of Italy case. Chef Francesco Mazzei takes us to his home town of Calabria to enjoy another taste of his favourite wine. And Amelia Singer takes us to Australia to explore some of that country’s greatest wines.

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Greece, from ancient to modern

Yannis dives to 22 metres under the Aegean to retrieve 'sea-aged' wine

Joe is in Santorini, where we find him on a speed boat in the Aegean sea on his way to a cellar! But before we can find out where he’s going, we take a trip back in time. Santorini is home to some of the world’s oldest vines. As an area of major geological activity, we find wine artefacts destroyed in a massive volcanic eruption 3500 years ago, leading to the island’s volcanic terroir. This terroir is perfect for making Vin Santo and Joe has a heartfelt conversation with winemaker Stefanos, who talks us through what the wine means to the Greeks.

Immigration in Australia

Amelia 's overjoyed to be in Barossa Valley!

Amelia visits the Barossa Valley to find out how the town and wine industry has its origins in the Lutheran population who fled to Australia to escape persecution and practice their
religion freely. Chateau Tanunda, the birthplace of the Barossa wine industry, first started in 1840, is the oldest and largest chateau in Australia.

Episode twelve preview

The two Matthew's learn more about 'aperitivo'

Matthew Goode and Matthew Rhys star in this series about the stories behind some of the world’s most fascinating wines. From their villa HQ in the Italian hills they head to Venice to meet Francesco da Mosta and find out about the Venetian love of the ‘aperitivo’, the opening drink of the evening.

Wine fraud, USA

A reconstruction of Rudy's time behind bars. He is the most famous wine criminal in history

Using details of a letter written to a judge asking for leniency, we reconstruct the story of convicted fraudster, Rudy Kurniawan, in a case that rocked the wine world.

Rudy was sentenced to 10 years in jail, more than some murderers. He was convicted for passing off cheaper wines and mixing wines in his kitchen at home to create old tasting wines which he then fraudulently sold at auction.

South Africa, the townships

This group of ladies have been instrumental in winery project in South African Township

Growing in scrubland and the front yards amongst people’s houses in the densely populated South African Township of Philippi, Joe visits perhaps one of the world’s most surprising locations for a vineyard. Meeting the ‘Matriarch’ group of ladies who have been instrumental in the winery project from the start, Joe learns how the local community is
gaining empowerment from growing vines and gaining wine knowledge in their own back yards.