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Father and daughter duo Marty and Kim Wilde

He’s responsible for six UK top ten singles including ‘Teenager in Love’ and ‘Endless Sleep’, and she’s sold 10 million albums worldwide.

Now father and daughter duo Marty and Kim Wilde are here to reveal more about their famous family, Marty’s 80th birthday tour, and why there’s no retiring from rock and roll.

Transport yourself to the Isle of Scilly

With many of us enjoying the warmer temperatures this weekend, today Kelly Brook’s taking all of us out on an island adventure.

Just 35 miles from the English coast, The Isle of Scilly is home to over 300 subtropical plants from around the world.

Kelly’s giving us a tour around Tresco Abbey Garden, and providing her top tips on how to grow your own treasure trove of exotic plants.

Meet Emmerdale's new bad boy Will Taylor!

You’ll recognise Dean Andrews from ‘Life on Mars’, ‘Ashes to Ashes’ and ‘Last Tango in Halifax’, but this week he turned up in the Dales as Will Taylor - coming head-to-head with his former flame Harriet who dated him whilst working as an undercover policewoman (who then subsequently sent him to prison).

Will made his anticipated debut on Wednesday night - so what else can we expect from him? Is he seeking revenge on Harriet? And as a Yorkshireman, is this Dean’s dream job?

The man himself is on our sofa with all you need to know about his new character.

What really happens before we go on-air...

You may sometimes wonder what goes on behind the scenes at This Morning. Well, wonder no more.

Since it's Good Friday, here's an Easter treat. Ladies and gentlemen, we give you... John Barrowman!

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