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Harry Dunn's mum: 'I will get justice for my son'

It’s been six months since teenager Harry Dunn was killed in Northamptonshire and his mother Charlotte is still waiting for justice.

The woman charged with causing death by dangerous driving, Anne Sacoolas, left for the US - claiming diplomatic immunity - and now it’s been reported she is a former spy herself.

So will the family ever find closure? Will she ever return to face justice? Charlotte certainly thinks so - and she joins us alongside her lawyer Radd Seiger today.

On how the couple are coping, Harry's mother Charlotte said: "In terms of really deeply grieving, we haven't even scratched the surface yet - we're too busy.

"I'm only just being able to get through my supermarket shop - I've spent the last 5-6 months walking into a supermarket and having to walk straight out. You lose your train of thought, you see Harry's favourite cereals and Harry's favourite sweets, and there's no point in buying them - they're the hard parts."

On the unanswered questions, Charlotte said: "We want to know the exact timeline, who allowed her [Anne Sacoolas] to leave, why they allowed her to leave - we're angry and we want to know."

Despite this though, Radd Seiger says he is more confident than ever that there will be a positive outcome: "It is never going to be acceptable for an American, whoever they are, to come over to this country, take the life of a precious young member of our community and then get on the next plane back home."

Dosh on your Doorstep is back!

How would you like up to £1000 to spend? If you would (and let's face it, who wouldn't) Alison Hammond will be back distributing dosh on doorsteps around the nation! Could she be dropping in on your doorstep?

For your chance to take part, answer some questions and bag yourself some cash, send us a video no longer than a minute, explaining why you deserve a visit from the lady who likes to flash the cash.

You need to be 18 and over and we need your applications by Thursday February 20 at 5pm.

Please see participation terms and conditions before applying to take part.

Ready to upload your clip? Upload a short video (no longer than one minute) via the Get Involved tab on the This Morning app. Tell us why you want to play and what you'd spend the money on.

- Participants must be 18 or over

- You must be a resident of the UK, the Channel Islands or the Isle of Man

- Your film must be no longer than one minute (anything longer may not be considered)

- If you are successful you need to be available for filming between 10am and 12:30pm Monday - Friday (on a date to be confirmed by the This Morning production team)

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Danny Dyer: 'This could be my last week in EastEnders'

It's set to be one of EastEnders' most explosive weeks in history, and Danny Dyer's Mick Carter is right at the heart of the action. As the show marks its 35th anniversary, it's been promised that one character will meet a grisly end, so could this be the end of the road for Mick?

Soap legend Danny joins us live from Albert Square to tell us more.

Talking about rumours that his character Mick Carter might meet a dramatic end this week, Danny revealed, "It's me, I die. I go out, I go out strong, and I'm happy about it! No, listen - you know I can't declare it, but it's a real shock who goes, I'm telling you."

Explaining how four characters will recount one fateful day, Danny said, "We've took the soap thing to a new level. It's basically every ep starts at the disaster, and then we jump back seven hours earlier, and then it's four different characters, their route to being on the boat and why they're there."

He continued, "It's very clever. We're very proud of it".

So has the actor enjoyed the build-up to this dramatic storyline? "I think Mick and Linda's relationship, they love each other. It's a strong bond between them two. His heart's broken at the moment. But he's there for her."

Revealing where the boat scene was filmed, Danny said, "It took six weeks to film it. Usually for us to film four episodes, it takes about 10 days, so we spread it out over Christmas.

"We did it in a water tank. We thought we was all going to Pinewood, we ended up in Southend, in Basildon. They found a tank in Basildon! The tank was alright, it was nice and warm, it was like bath water, and they were squirting pea juice in it to make it look like the Thames.

"But a 10-hour working day in the water, you know, you come out all wrinkled. I come out looking like Dot Cotton! In a good way, obviously..."

Danny continued, "We knew we were doing something special, and you know what, it's really inspiring. It's so clever what they've done. I wish we could stay at this level, every ep!"

#BeKind: Taking a stand against online trolls

The tragic death of TV presenter Caroline Flack continues to raise questions about the level of safeguarding online. Trolling is something which sadly affects many people’s lives, whether they’re famous or not.

In 2017, Lucy Alexander helped us launch our BeKind campaign, after sharing the devastating story of how online bullying drove her 17-year-old son Felix to take his own life.

In the wake of Caroline’s death, Lucy joins us to explain why more still needs to be done. We’re also joined by cyber crime expert and former Scotland Yard detective Philip Grindell, who will be sharing his practical advice for dealing with online trolls.