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Paramedics sing You'll Never Walk Alone to frontline staff

Alison Hammond's viral videos round-up is just what's needed for #KeepingSpiritsUp, and this clip of paramedics singing an uplifting anthem to frontline hospital staff through a closed door is no exception.

The song, Gerry and the Pacemakers' You'll Never Walk Alone currently tops the Official Chart Company's Lockdown Listening List, followed by Akon's Locked Up and The Police's Don't Stand So Close To Me.

Streaming of You'll Never Walk Alone was up 150% after the Liverpool football anthem was broadcast by 180 radio stations across Europe on Friday 27 March.

According to the Official Chart Company, the UK's lockdown means that, "a three-part tale appears to be emerging from the nation’s speakers as music lovers split between listening to uplifting classics, apocalyptic isolation songs and kids’ favourites".

Coronavirus: What can I do if my employer makes me redundant?

It’s a worrying time at the moment for your finances, so Martin Lewis is back to take your calls and offer his advice for Duncan, whose employer has made him redundant, and Holly, who is wondering if she can take a second job while on furlough.


Martin says: Go back to your employer. They are absolutely allowed to re-hire people they put into redundancy on the back of coronavirus.

And I would say it's their moral obligation that they do so.

We need to keep our economy ticking, we need to keep to keep people having their income coming in.

Employers - do whatever you can. Put people on furlough rather than making them redundant. Don't think you're cheating the system by rehiring them, you're doing exactly what this system is for.

Bring people back and give people the support they need.


Martin says: I'm still waiting for a final confirmation answer on this - everything on this is changing so rapidly.

The initial guidance I've had is you can take a second job if you're furloughed - you can't take it from your existing employer, that's not allowed, but it is not particularly warmly looked upon.

Volunteering is certainly warmly looked upon - but if you do need to take a second job there is nothing I can see in the guidelines that prevents it.

Your children's unintentional masterpieces!

One mum was left mortified after staff at her daughter's nursery mistook her four-year-old daughter's drawing of a 'slide' for something else entirely!

Little Amelia had been on a school trip where she played on a slide so big, she remembered it for the whole month. So when she was asked to draw a picture of the trip at nursery, of course that was the thing she'd remember.

However, mum Vicci was left hoping the 'ground would swallow her up' when staff invited her in for a chat.

Dance with This Morning to Can't Stop the Feeling!

Get ready to dance, dance, dance! This Monday we're #KeepingSpiritsUp by hosting a nationwide dance-along.

Strictly stars Oti Mabuse and Karen Hauer will be showing Phillip and Holly their moves, and we want you to join in! Throw any shapes you like, just tap your feet to the beat!

Here's how to get involved

  1. Take a video IN LANDSCAPE of you dancing to Justin Timberlake's Can't Stop the Feeling!

  2. Go to the This Morning app and tap the Get Involved tab

  3. Select the Dance with This Morning drop-down and fill in the information required

  4. Send us your video!

Participation terms at itv.com/terms

Mum sings 'I will survive' during lockdown with kids

If you've been on lockdown for the week, or even longer, you may well identify with one mum who has turned to music to help her pass the hours.

Blogger Victoria Emes changed the words of Gloria Gaynor's hit single I Will Survive to reflect her isolating situation during the coronavirus outbreak.

And with shortage of loo roll and wine and crisps all featuring in the lyrics, this is a song that will strike a chord with many around the country...