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Get Hollywood hair - at home!

From long layers to full-on fringes, the A-listers always seem to be having a good hair day, but how do we get that red-carpet Hollywood hair at home?

Well it’s easier than you think according to celebrity hair-stylist Michael Douglas.

Whether you’re considering a Jennifer Aniston inspired trim, or you fancy sexy beach waves like Drew Barrymore, Michael’s on a mission to help you achieve Hollywood hair at home.

Dermot O'Leary becomes bestseller with Toto The Ninja Cat

He's the man with the X Factor and now TV host Dermot O'Leary has turned his hand to penning children's books. He's back with his third instalment, Toto The Ninja Cat And The Superstar Catastrophe, and joins us on the sofa to tell us about being inspired by his latest rescue kitten.

And while he's here we're asking for his thoughts on the hotly-anticipated series of Celebrity X Factor which hits our screens this autumn.

Katherine Kelly turns detective for Criminal

If you’ve had a crime series shaped hole in your life since the AC -12 team left us asking - so, there is no H!?, then Katherine Kelly’s new police interrogation drama Criminal will fill that void.

Promising to be full of twists and unexpected turns, this unique series is set to have us all on the edge of our seats.

So today Katherine finds herself on the other side of the table, as we probe her on what makes Criminal so different from any other police drama.

The truth about allergies

When it comes to diagnosing, treating and managing allergies, we seem to be constantly bombarded with conflicting information.

We’re joined by one of the country’s leading allergy experts, Professor Adam Fox, to sort the fact from the fiction.