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Meet our new puppy on his first day at This Morning!

Follow our new four-legged friend behind the scenes at This Morning, to see what he got up to on his first day inside the studio!

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Olivia Colman and Jessie Buckley's brand new comedy Wicked Little Letters!

The stars of new comedy Wicked Little Letters give us their take on the film's unbelievable swear word count.

We meet the Brit nominated for an Academy Award!

As a single mother from a working class background, Elli is shining a light on female set decorators as she gets ready to head to LA!

Donal Skehan's sticky soy and ginger popcorn chicken

Packed full of flavour, Donal is whipping up a perfect dinner that can be prepared in advanced.

Disability support animals helplines

Use our helplines to find advice and support about disability support animals.

Millions of workers doing unpaid overtime, research shows

A study by the TUC found that teachers topped a list of those putting in the most unpaid overtime at more than four hours a week.

How to celebrate your birthday with freebies worth over £100

Coupon collecting star Jordan Cox is showing some of the best birthday offers worth £100+.

Siân Welby opens up about her father's dementia diagnosis

After speaking about her father’s diagnosis with vascular dementia, Siân Welby invites us into her family home to share their story.

What's Josie Gibson wearing today on This Morning?

Find all the details of our presenter's on-screen outfits here!

The wardrobe staples you need whatever your shape or size!

Claire Richards is here to give you some style inspo whatever your shape or size.

Meliz Berg's lamb family feast

Prepare to feast on succulent lamb and colourful veggies, all wrapped in a soft flatbread!

Firms to make allowances for menopausal women

Guidance from the Equality and Human Rights Commission has been issued to bosses to clarify their legal obligations to women going through menopause.

Bullying and cyber bullying helplines

Use our helplines to find more information and advice about bullying and cyber bullying.

Fraud and scams helplines

Information and advice for people who need to find out more about advice and scams.

Could you be owed thousands from mis-sold car finance? Alice Beer's got you covered!

A financial scandal - potentially bigger than the PPI debacle - has come to light, with over a million people in the UK potentially owed upwards of £1,500!

Get glossy hair, glowing skin, and a better night’s sleep all for under £6

Dr Megan Rossi is showing you how to fill your shopping basket with everything you need for a healthier body.

Poppy O'Toole's posh potatoes!

The potato Queen herself, Poppy O’Toole is giving three classics a makeover with her twist on roast potatoes, baked potatoes and chips.

My Mum, Your Dad's Roger and Janey's romantic Barbados adventure!

We sent stars of ‘My Mum, Your Dad’ Roger and Janey on a dream couples holiday to sunny Barbados!

Victims of one of UK's most prolific cyberstalkers tell their shocking story

As Netflix's brand new documentary Can I Tell You A Secret? tells the story of one of the UK's worst cyberstalkers, we hear from two of his victims.

The inspiring real-life medics advising on ITV's new Covid drama Breathtaking

We’re joined by Dr Thom Petty and Dr Andrew Cinnamond who were two of the medical advisors behind the scenes of the drama.

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Weekdays 10am-12:30pm