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Next UK prime minister: Boris Johnson wins leadership vote!

Boris Johnson has been announced as the next leader of the Conservative party, beating off rival Jeremy Hunt in the Tory leadership race.

The arrival of the 77th prime minister will mark the first time in history the office holder has been selected by a party membership rather than MPs or the wider electorate.

Almost 160,000 votes were cast - an 87.4% turnout rate - to determine the next prime minister.

Mr Johnson - who secured 92,153 of the vote compared to 46,656 for Mr Hunt - has made a 'do or die' pledge to pull the UK out of the EU on October 31, even if there is no deal in place.

Chancellor Philip Hammond and Justice Secretary David Gauke have given notice that they will resign rather than serve under Mr Johnson, as has International Development Secretary Rory Stewart and Education Minister Anne Milton.

The latest from Love Island - our reality TV panel have their say

With the Love Island final just six sleeps away, former alumni Montana is live from sunny Mallorca with all the gossip - and her reaction to that Sidebar of Shame challenge.

Plus we’ll speak to a panel of fellow reality stars - Big Brother winner Josie Gibson, TOWIE star Bobby Norris, Love Islander Jack Fowler and our own Alison Hammond explain what happens after reality stars return to the real world.

Stomach ache and back pain - could it be fibroids?

One in three women will develop Fibroids at some point in their life. They are non-cancerous growths that develop in and around the womb - and can cause discomfort to the abdomen as well as heavy, painful periods. But how are they formed? Can you avoid them? And how are they treated?

Dr Chris is here with his all-important guide.

Showing strength through scars: Meet the mastectomy tattoo artist

55,000 British women are diagnosed with breast cancer every year, with almost half of those undergoing a mastectomy - a process which can make them feel less like themselves.

International tattoo artist David Allen is creating a new feeling amongst those affected - tattooing a special individual design where their affected breast used to be. He joins us alongside Grace Lombardo who had a floral motif inked on her body to symbolise her strength after having both of her breasts removed.

"You walk in there as someone who's carrying the scars, and you walk out as someone who's carrying something that you chose, that is a piece of art"

- Grace Lombardo

"It's been fantastic. It was almost a spiritual experience."

- Harriet Waley-Cohen

Now Grace describes herself as a warrior and the owner of an incredible piece of art which is hers forever. She hopes other women who have been through the same ordeal will feel inspired by her story - and follow her example - like mum of two Harriet Waley-Cohen who’s undergone a single mastectomy and is getting a tattoo with David today.

How to stay cool in the heatwave

It’s set to be even hotter than Barbados this week as warm winds from Africa make it a ‘scorcher’ across the UK with temperatures hitting a record breaking 36 degrees.

Experts have said Tuesday night will be a sweltering 25 degrees - so how can you keep cool - and sleep in these conditions? The very chilled Alison Hammond is here with her helpful tips and tricks.

The July heatwave has arrived, and we're feeling hot hot hot!

Here comes the sun! Today it’s 33 degrees at This Morning Towers with the whole country enjoying a sizzling July heatwave. But forget hot tubs - we’re treating our guests to a cool tub!

Our very own Queen of Cool Alison Hammond is joined by our reality TV panel in the This Morning plunge pool.

It’s all leading up to the possible hottest day on record later this week - and it’s not getting any cooler at Westminster where we expect Boris Johnson to be appointed as the new Tory leader and Prime Minister later this morning!