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A Sorrento surprise for Vicky and Ferne

Ciao bello! Our glamorous comedy duo Vicky and Ferne continue their road trip in Amalfi, heading to Sorrento and causing mayhem as they go.

Perhaps not too surprisingly, they get a night out they weren't expecting.

Today our dynamic duo head to the stunning town of Amalfi to meet Italian culinary sensation Chef Rubio. The former Italian Rugby star now has a hit TV show on the Discovery Channel entitled Unti e Bisunti’ ‘Greasy and Greasier’ which sees the charismatic chef demonstrating his street cooking skills.

After apologising for bringing the British weather with them – the only rain they had on their trip -within minutes, Chef Rubio tells Ferne and Vicky to hit the streets in search of the freshest ingredients with predictable comic results. He then proceeds to give them a crash course – something which Ferne takes a bit too literally - in the art of street food. It’s a recipe for success or disaster, you decide; as they talk ‘tats’; get flirty; and then Fern and Vicky dish the fish to the Italian public.

Before leaving Chef Rubio also told them the hottest place to hit the town in Sorrento for a guaranteed good night out; and as they made their way there, all this talk of food, got Ferne and Vicky talking about body image, which brought to light some raw emotions.

On arriving in Sorrento, their night wasn’t exactly as anticipated – cheeky Chef Rubio’s idea of a night on the town was the girls learning the Tarantella – in public, in front of a huge crowd in Sorrento’s busiest square. Ferne a natural performer was bang up for it, but Vicky wasn’t so keen (and that’s putting it mildly). Fortunately they were in the capable hands of the Tarantella Sorrento Folk Association, who we’re taran'telling' you, turned the girls into a hit with the crowds!

With thanks to

Chef RubioChiara ZappalàMarina Tipaldi (our wonderful home economist)Daniela Esposito and all the Tarantella Sorrento Folk Association

Please note: All the cooking was during this film was strictly monitored by a qualified home economist.

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