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Alice Beer: Resell your way to pay day

Are you sitting on hundreds of pounds, which could easily be in your bank account? Research has found that the average household could make £477 from selling unused items from around the house. But if you’re an eBay novice, or a Facebook Marketplace newbie, how do you guarantee your items will sell? And what are the top items we should be trying to rehome? Our consumer editor Alice Beer is on a reselling mission today, to show you how to make cash from the comfort of your sofa.

The top selling items and the best place to sell them:

Alice has been on a re-selling mission. She's been selling products on all the major marketplaces, and will be talking through real examples of products she's sold over the last few days during the item. 


A great place to sell clothes is Vinted. It is big for women's fashion. It is a very straightforward site to use. If you've got a good brand, it is likely to go fast. At the moment dresses, shirts and t-shirts are the biggest sellers. 

Fashion is also roaring on eBay at the moment due to its new partnership with Love Island. Ebay had 1,600% more searches for "pre - loved clothes" compared to last

Old furniture

Gumtree is where you would sell old furniture, especially if it is part of a set. + It is easy to use and gives the buyer the opportunity to come and view the item. 

The top five items on Gumtree this week are sofa, a table, a bike and beds. + But a lot of the buyers do want to come and view/pickup the item in person, which can be a downside. 

Facebook Marketplace is also good for furniture. 23% of people's last sale was furniture or homeware on this site. 

Is it worth selling old technology?

The average household has £842 of unused tech sitting around according to Music Magpie. 

You can sell a smashed iPhone on MusicMagpie for £51. You can either post or go to one of the 290 smart drop kiosks in ASDA stores near you. 

Even if you have a very old Kindle, it is worth selling it on eBay. It is one of those low value items but if you can find 5 items of low value around your house you suddenly have £50. 


It is definitely worth selling old bikes, they are one of Gumtree's most sold items. 

You should sell your old bike on Gumtree as it is geographical so you are most likely selling to your neighbours which makes collection easier.

Baby clothes

Vinted have said the most popular categories are women's and kids' clothing. So when your little ones grow out of things, try reselling rather than throwing away.

Kitchen appliances

If you have an old coffee machine, milk frother, or even a popcorn maker it is worth selling them. 

At the moment Hotel Chocolat Velvetisers are going for around £40 on Ebay.

Top tips for selling:

  • Sundays are key browsing time 

  • 9pm is good to close a sale 

  • The more photos and titles, the more likely it is to sell 

  • Be honest 

  • Right site for the right product

Online safety:

Make sure not to go off the app, do all the negotiation and payments through the platform you are using. 

If you are going to collect and item or view it, make sure you feel safe and take someone with you if you can. 

Don't just invite someone into your home when you're alone, always try and have someone there. Or let someone know that you have people coming.

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