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Alice Beer's tried and tested Christmas

She’s the queen of tried and tested and in a Christmas special our consumer expert Alice Beer is here to make sure our crackers go off with a bang, our mince pies don’t taste like ‘wince pies’ and our canapeés are a gastronomic delight!

We earn commission from some of the links on this page but the products featured always go through an independent editorial process. Alice is an independent consumer journalist and does not endorse the products on This Morning.

Mince pies

Tesco Finest Mince Pies 6 Pack, £ 1.75

M&S Collection 6 Mince Pies, £2.50

Morrisons The Best Maple Crumble Mince Pies 4 per pack, £2.50

Aldi Millionaire Mince Pies, £1.99

ASDA Extra Special Luxury Mince Pies, £1.75

Sainsbury's All Butter Mince Pies, Taste the Difference x 6, £1.50

Christmas crackers

Tesco Luxury Silver Crackers 6 Pack, £7.50

M&S World's Funniest* Recyclable Charity Christmas Crackers

Morrisons 12 Silver Xmas Crackers, £4

Aldi Silver Luxury Crackers 8 Pack, £9.99

ASDA George Home Crackers, £3

Sainsbury's 6pk Luxury Crackers - Marbles


Tesco Plant Chef 10 No Lamb Samosa 200G, £3

M&S Chicken Nugget Dunk 'Em Doughnuts, £5

Morrisons Duck Spring Rolls 6 Pack, £2.50

Aldi Specially Selected Thai Roses, £2.99

Sainsbury's Prawn Roses, Taste the Difference 180g, £4

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