Amy Childs says she 'regrets' cosmetic procedures

At just 12 years old, reality TV star Amy Childs was already thinking about plastic surgery. What started as a birthday 'boob job' for herself at 18 quickly descended into a cosmetic surgery addiction which left Amy feeling like a 'freak'. Regretting every past procedure, Amy joins us to explain why she's urging teenagers to stay away from plastic surgery, and lets us in on 'all the goss' about going 'Instagram official with her new boyfriend.

She was just 19 years old when she rose to fame on The Only Way is Essex, but Amy Childs quickly became 'addicted' to cosmetic surgery. She says she 'regrets every procedure'.

Speaking to Eamonn and Ruth today, Amy said, "I look back on TOWIE, and I'm not saying I'm beautiful but I was really attractive and the only thing I'd had done then, I just had my boobs done when I was 18. I had no botox then, I had no filler, nothing."

"When I was thinking about surgery, I wish there was someone in the public eye who'd had what I've had that had regrets."