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Are these the best life-changing gadgets?

What are the best gadgets you can buy online right now? This is something Gyles and Josie really disagree on. So today they’re going to battle out to prove they’ve discovered the best life-changing gadgets. But who will be crowned champion? It’s time to play… GO GADGET GO!

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Juicing gadgets

Gyles - Citrus Fruit Juice Sprayer - £5.99 

Josie - Orange Juicer Electric Juicer - £21.99 

Keyboard gadgets

Gyles - Keyboard Cleaning Kit - £9.99

Josie - Keyboard Cleaning Gel - £7.99 

Pet gadgets

Gyles - Dog Paw Cleaner - £8.29 

Josie - Human Sized Dog Bed - £175.99 

Slicing gadgets

Gyles - Apple Corer - £8.99 

Josie - Grape Quarterer - £12.99 

Logo of This Morning
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Weekdays 10am-12:30pm