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Coping with back to school anxiety

As millions make their way back to school next week, either for the very first time or moving up to secondary school, we have conducted our own This Morning Back to School survey to find out what kids and parents are most worried about.

Jeff Brazier, whose son Freddie starts secondary school next week, went to meet with some youngsters and parents to find out their concerns.

Parenting expert Sue Atkins also joins us with advice on dealing with the associated anxieties.

This Morning commissioned a survey of 2000 parents of school children aged 5-16. It revealed:

  • 48% of parents say their child is already anxious about returning to school

  • 60% of parents are terrified of bullying and nearly a third say their child has already suffered at the hands of bullies

  • More than 1 in 4 parents say their child sufferers from exam related stress

  • 44% believe their child already gets too much homework

  • Half of parents are concerned their child doesn't have enough friends

  • More than 50% think their child might fall in with the wrong crowd

  • Almost half of all parents say anxiety affects their child's sleep

  • More than a quarter of parents are worried about bullying at secondary school

  • Increased work load is the main concern for more than a quarter starting secondary school

  • 26% are panicking about their child travelling alone to secondary school

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