Behind the Seams: How to take a summer dress into autumn

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What are the must-have boots for the new season?

My favourite style is a knee-high boot, I really love them in a chocolate brown or a burgundy - Holly just wore some on Monday, actually.

Also I love a white boot - quite controversial, but I think they go with everything, and also a big black stomper boots, like this pair from Zara, below.

I think a lot of people think they can't wear them, but I think as long as you wear a floaty, feminine dress on top, you'll nail the look.

L-R: Zara Flat Leather Ankle Boots with Track Sole, 69.99 | @monicanoz

How do I take my summer dress into autumn?

My top tips are to either wear a slouchy jumper over the top, so that the dress looks like a skirt; a thin polo neck under the dress, to layer up; or wear it with a knee-high boot.

I think most summer dresses will look really good with a knee-high boot and a leather jacket, and with a big chunky scarf, you're ready to go!

L-R: @sara_waiste | @erica_davies | @aimeesong

What is your top tip for adding colour to your wardrobe?

We love colour here at This Morning, Lisa wears colour all the time, she wore a great red dress on Thursday's show.


I think that even if you really love black, just adding pops of colour with a blazer or a scarf is a really easy way to do it. Or even wearing a denim skinny jean with a plain top and a colour-pop shoe. Ego shoes are my go-to when we want to feature colourful fun footwear on the show; they look designer but are always super affordable!

Start with little touches, and then go full throttle.

Is it too early to wear sequins?

Never. We always use sequins here, we used a gorgeous sequined skirt from ASOS on Tuesday's show with Gok. 2020's been rubbish, so why not slap on the sequins and feel fantastic!

ASOS EDITION midi skirt in teardrop sequin co-ord, £65

What’s the one thing I should invest in to update my wardrobe for autumn?

My ultimate buy for autumn/winter is always a coat. It’s the one piece you will wear most throughout the whole season and if you invest in quality it will last you for years to come. This year I’m loving the timeless trench; it’s so classic and you can wear it in so many different ways. I like to layer hoodies and chunky knits under mine. From the school run to the shopping spree it’s the ideal whatever-the-weather staple!I’m stuck in a jeans rut - They’re my everyday go-to but I’m bored of the same old skinny jeans. What’s the new must-have style for this season?

Skinny jeans are still a popular choice on the high street but the good news is there are so many more styles and cuts to choice from. The 90s-inspired ‘Mom’ Jean is everywhere right now and can look super cool when dressed up with a heel and a classic white shirt.

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