British tourists hit with Covid tax by bars in Spain

Reopened bars across Spain are charging a 'servicio Covid' ranging from €1 per table to €1 per drink.

Bar owners have explained that the service charge pays for their new personal protective equipment including gloves, masks and cleaning products. But some British tourists aren't happy with the new charge, taking to social media to complain.

People at a Spanish bar by the sea PA image

Earlier in June, Spanish consumer watchdog Facua spoke out against the price supplements added by some restaurants, comparing them to charging for “cleaning the table or wearing a uniform”.

Facua referred to these extra charges as 'illegal', explaining that whether the surcharge is mentioned to the customer beforehand or not, “it doesn’t have to be paid and it’s advisable to take a photo of the menu or the bill where the surcharge is stated so it can be presented as proof to the relevant consumer rights group".

Photo of Spanish bar bill from Twitter user Rui Meireles

One customer tweeted a picture of his bar bill asking, 'What do you think of this? Do you agree or not?'.

Covid tax isn't the only change UK holidaymakers will notice when they jet off to Spain. In fact tourists now have to submit a health declaration before they depart for Spain, and will be given a corresponding QR code in return.

Upon their arrival at a Spanish airport, the code will be scanned electronically, allowing Spanish authorities to trace tourists during their stay.

Spain tops the list of the UK's favourite travel destinations, with more than 18 million visitors from Great Britain seeking sunshine and sangria in 2019.