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Adam Rickitt shares bulimia battle

I would go to bed every night praying not to wake up the next day

Adam Rickitt

Eating disorders are most commonly associated with women, but men can suffer from them too - as actor turned singer Adam Rickitt knows only too well.

Aged 16, the former Corrie star began binging on food and then making himself sick, after the combination of a shoulder injury, debilitating virus and other insecurities left him depressed and wanting more control over his life.

As the dangerous cycle continued, Adam's weight plummeted to just six stone and he would be sick up to 30 times a day. 18 months later he finally found the courage to seek help and now he wants to encourage others to do the same by sharing his experience.

Adam is here to tell us his story, plus he'll be joining Dr Chris to take viewers' calls on eating disorders.

Watch Dr Chris talk through the signs and symptoms of bulimia, below.

For advice and support see our eating disorders helplines

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