Can a meal from a glass really be healthy?

It’s the celebrity diet trend taking over social media. Unlike their 1980's ancestors, the new breed of meal replacement shakes claim to not only help you diet, but some say they help you build muscle, others give you energy, or whatever else you need in your lifestyle.

The likes of Kim Kardashian and Alexandra Burke boast about their benefits - but are they really healthy? Dr Zoe is here to show us what’s out there, and tell us if there are any health benefits to a liquid lunch.

Meal replacement shakes featured

  • SLIM FAST - £24.99 for 7 day starter pack

  • HUEL READY-TO-DRINK SHAKES - £66.96 for 24 bottles

  • EXANTE - from £1.59 per shake or £39.99 for 2 week diet plan

  • PURITION ORIGINAL RANGE - £22.95 for 500g (10-12 servings)

  • THE PROTEIN WORKS - £25.99 for 1kg (16 servings per pack)

  • SOYLENT - £39.99 for a case of 12 bottles


Dr Zoe says: “It is always best to try and get all of your daily nutrients from whole food meals. However, meal replacement shakes can serve a purpose - if you are on the go and healthy food options are limited, then a meal replacement shake can provide a convenience meal without opting for fast food.

Personally, I think choosing healthy nutritious meals will always be the best option, but I can understand why meal replacement shakes are big business.”