Can giving a compliment be deemed sexist?

I don't think he should have sent it - it is a professional website. There's a difference between someone you know, a friend of yours, whom you've already developed a rapport with, and some guy you've just added on LinkedIn, a professional networking website.

Caroline Criado-Perez

This week, a row has erupted over a seemingly 'sexist' LinkedIn message received by 27-year-old barrister Charlotte Proudman, sent by 57-year-old solicitor Alexander Carter-Silk, who complimented Ms Proudman on her 'stunning' profile picture.

Since then, the message has gone viral with both lawyers becoming the subject of criticism, with Mr Carter-Silk being publicly shamed over claims his comments were 'inappropriate' and 'sexist', while Ms Proudman was branded a 'man-hating Feminazi'.

But does giving a compliment to a member of the opposite count as sexist? We're joined by Julia Hartley-Brewer who believes Ms Proudman needs to get a sense of humour and perspective, while journalist and feminist activist Caroline Criado-Perez thinks the comments were totally inappropriate.

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