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Running fan Chris Evans strips down to his pants!

He’s been taking over our telly and the airwaves for four decades - broadcasting supremo Chris Evans joins us to talk about his annual Carfest weekends which raise money for UK children’s charities.

Chris also chats about his love of marathons, moving on from Top Gear... and springs a lovely surprise on Holly and Phillip!

Chris: “Do you wanna see? Do you wanna look?”

Holly: “Is it going to make my tummy go?”

Phil: “Are you about to take your trousers down? What sort of pants have you got on? They’re not teeny pants?”

Chris: “No, I don’t have any teeny pants! Do you have teeny pants?”

Phil: “No, I don’t have teeny pants!”

Chris: “So now we know what to get each other for Christmas!”

Phil: “Not teeny pants!”

Chris offers to show Holly and Phillip his running operation bruises!

Weekdays 10am-12:30pm ITV