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'At the end of the programme, I had a breakdown'

I can't look at myself. Looking back at those pictures, I can't look.

Chris Maloney

Former X Factor finalist Chris Maloney had £60,000 of cosmetic surgery after internet trolls destroyed his confidence and mental wellbeing.

The singer suffered ruthless bullying during the 2012 series, as Twitter trolls ridiculed him with constant abuse calling him Mr Potato Head and ugly, he was also targeted with death threats.

Chris was left feeling depressed, paranoid about his looks and with hair loss. In the past two years he has spent more than 40 hours having three hair-transplants, two nose jobs, an eyelid lift and teeth veneers.

He's here to tell us why he now feels amazing, and says it has given him 'a new lease of life'.

Chris said online bullies drove him to surgery. He said, 'I never thought about surgery beforehand. They got me at the lowest point of my life.'

When asked if he'd have more surgery, Chris said, 'I'm happy where I am now, I'm in a really great place.'

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