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Christmas present excess vs festive frugality

Christmas is the one day you can spoil your kids. Make it what you can make it.

Emma Tapping

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, but it can also be the most excessive! Emma Tapping loves spoiling her family each Christmas, but has received mass criticism online after a photograph she took of the hundreds of presents she’s bought her family went viral.

On the other end of the scale is Jen Gale, who believes our excessive ways are destroying the planet. She buys her children a few second-hand items each Christmas and even makes her own trees from egg cartons, lamp shades and pom poms.

They both join us live from their living rooms to debate festive fritter vs frugal.


Gin and Tonic Crisps, 99p, Aldi

Prosecco and Mixed Berry Crisps, £2, Marks and Spencer

Prosecco and Elderberry Crisps, £1.50, Tesco


Jumbo Tempura Prawns, £3 - on offer for £2.50 for 18, Iceland

Deluxe Tempura Prawns with Dip - £1.89 – Lidl

Finest Japanese Style Jumbo King Prawn, £4, for 10, Tesco


Taste the Difference Chorizo Sliders, £3.50 for 8, Sainsbury's

Luxury Steak & BBQ Pulled Pork Mini Brioche Burgers, £3.99 for 9, Iceland

Mini Hot Dog & Burger Selection, £5.99, for 12, Waitrose


Finest Posh Pigs In Blankets, £5, for 9, Tesco

Taste The Difference Outdoor Bred British Pork Cocktail Sausages Wrapped in Bacon, £3.00, for 12, Sainsbury's

M Signature Pigs In Blankets, £2.97 - or 2 for £5.00, for 10, Morrisons


Luxury Mini Coquilles St Jacques, £3.49 for 10, Iceland

Pork Fruit Wellingtons, £5.99, for 9, Waitrose

Five Spice Marinated Duck Eclairs with Hoisin Drizzle, £5, for 8, Tesco

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Logo of This Morning
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Weekdays 10am-12:30pm