Juliet Sear's cookie dough pizza

Stuck for ideas to entertain the children this half term? Whether they’re budding chefs or new to the kitchen, look no further as Juliet Sear is combining two of our favourite things - cookies and pizza!

Cookie dough pizza

Makes: 1 large pizza - 23cm or two small pizzas


For the vanilla cookie dough

200g butter room temperature

200g golden caster sugar

1 tsp of vanilla bean paste or seeds from a fresh vanilla pod, reserving the pods themselves to use the spent dry pods as ground black pepper.

1 medium egg

375g plain flour


  • Mix the butter, caster sugar, vanilla together well

  • Beat in one medium egg and mix to combine

  • Add 375g of plain flour and mix to form a dough

  • Roll out the dough to a large round pizza shape and either make a giant whole one for fun, or use a pizza cutter and slice into 8 pieces, take the excess dough and place around the edge to form a crust effect.

  • You can also make bite marks into some of the slices using the edge of a pastry cutter

  • Bake the biscuits in the oven at 180c for 12-15 minutes or until crisp and golden brown then leave to cool

To decorate:

  • You’ll need approximately 200-250g of sugar paste in various colours as shown to create the toppings and some soft liquorice for the olives. You can get a mixed pack of colours ready made from the supermarket in red, black, yellow and green and use a little extra white and brown if making all toppings

  • For the salami – roll a little sausage red/orange sugarpaste with a couple of thin sausages of white sugarpaste, roll together in a sausage, folding in half every so often as it lengthens. Fold 6 or 7 times to create a marbled sausage. Then cross cut in slices and you’ll see you have speckled salami discs ready to top your pizza

  • For the peppers – chop little square chunks of green and yellow sugarpaste to replicate chunks of peppers

  • For the olives – either roll little pieces of black icing to make whole olives, or for little pitted olive slices, cut discs out with a sharp knife, then use a small cutter or nozzle to take out the middle and you’ll be left with little olive slices that look exactly like the real thing!

  • For the mushrooms – roll out a very thin piece of light brown sugarpaste, then place a white sausage of sugarpaste on top. Lie two very thin strips of brown either side, then wrap up the thin brown around the white and brown to create the mushroom which you can then slice to give you cross sections of realistic looking mushroom ready to go

  • For the tomato sauce, colour 125g of soft peak royal icing red, load into a plastic piping bag, snip a hole and pipe a wiggly line around the edges and random splodges over your cookie base. Repeat in the same way for the cheese but with 125g of yellow coloured royal icing.

  • Now go crazy with toppings, placing wherever you fancy, and for a twist of authenticity, you can use used dried vanilla pods and pop them into a clean pepper grinder and give your pizza a coating of ‘pepper’ to finish.