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Could You Help Save A Life? Our Latest Suicide Campaign

Back in 2018, we partnered with the suicide prevention charity Campaign Against Living Miserably (CALM), on a campaign which created the largest ever conversation about male suicide in the UK. By installing 84 life-size statues on the roof of ITV Tower, Project 84 highlighted the shocking reality that every single week in Britain, 84 men take their own lives.

Sadly, four years later, that statistic has increased - so today we’re once again working with CALM to launch their latest campaign. We’ll be live from London’s Southbank where 50, 6 foot high photos have been installed, each one revealing a story of suicide and the heartbreak which followed. And in the studio we’ll be joined by Shirley Ballas, who will be sharing her own tragic connection to the campaign. 

CALM - bit.ly/thelastphoto_b

CALM have put together the tools you need to start a potentially life-saving conversation

The Facts: Why we need to talk about suicide

125 people die by suicide every week in the UK. We need to talk about suicide more openly so we can understand it, break the stigma surrounding it and save more lives.

The Signs: What to keep an eye out for

There are NOcatch-all signs to look out for. But there’s some stuff to keep an eye out for:

In real life there are the ones you’ll know:

  • talking about wanting to die

  • extreme mood swings

  • drinking more than they usually do. 

But there are also subtle ones too:

  •  getting easily annoyed or frustrated 

  • not looking after their hygiene or personal appearance

But remember, sometimes you’ll see none of the above. So if you ever suspect someone is struggling, trust your gut and reach out to them. 

The Words: How to start a conversation

Let them know you’re there. Don’t worry about finding the perfect words – there’s no right or wrong, just let them know they have your support.  

Yeah, it might be awkward at first but it could also be the most important conversation you ever have - and we’ve got loads of practical tips to help.


  • allow them time to talk

  • ask questions like “how does that make you feel?” 

  • reassure them that these feelings aren’t permanent and support is available. 


  • try and fix things

  • pretend to know how they feel

  • convince them how lucky they are. 

The Support: Where to direct them if they’re struggling  

You don’t have to have all the answers. If someone is struggling, the best thing to do is let them know they can always speak to an expert - like CALM’s helpline - and that support is available right now if they need it.

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