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Critical care and bariatrics

All week Peter Andre joins Dr Chris and Dr Dawn at The Queen Alexandra Hospital in Portsmouth, as we celebrate 65 years of the NHS. Today Peter and Dr Dawn are in the critical care ward, where they'll be meeting obesity consultant Shaw Somers and hospital patient Michael Murray. Tipping the scales at just under 27 stone, Michael is desperate to lose weight as he knows he'll die otherwise. Peter and Dr Dawn also talk to engaged couple Vanessa and Ben, who've both undergone weight loss surgery ahead of their big day next July.

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How is Peter feeling after three days in the wards? Watch us catch up with him after another emotional day at the Queen Alexandra in his video diary below.

Peter and the This Morning crew get ready for the day's filming
Peter on the critical care ward with patient Michael, who has had bariatrics surgery
Dr Shaw Somers with critical care doctors Dr Santos and Dr George ahead, ready for filming with Peter
Doctors in bariatric surgery with patient Michael Murray
Peter Andre welcoming a patient
Vanessa and Ben with Peter after filming
Weekdays 10am-12:30pm ITV