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Dance with This Morning and Bill Bailey to Everybody by Backstreet Boys!

Everyone's bouncing off the walls at home, so why don't you use all that pent-up energy and join us for a dance?

During the first lockdown, some of the UK's most famous dancing faces got us all up on our feet to help keep us moving, and lift our spirits. You all joined in, and sent us your fabulous dancing videos. So now that we're back at home, we thought let's do it all over again!

This Thursday, the king of the ballroom Bill Bailey, is going to be bringing back our This Morning dance-alongs to keep us fit and active. We want you to dance along to the song Everybody by Backstreet Boys.

Here's how to get involved

  • Take a video IN LANDSCAPE of you dancing to Everybody by Backstreet Boys

  • On the This Morning app tap the Get Involved tab

  • Select the Dance with This Morning drop-down and fill in the information required

  • Send us your video by 4pm on 13/01

Participation terms at itv.com/terms

Weekdays 10am-12:30pm ITV