Diana asks 'what if...'

That was my moment to decide if I wanted to live or die, and I turned to the oblivion. A lady called Maggie took my hand - the most courageous woman I've ever met.

Diana Morgan-Hill

In August 1990, Diana Morgan-Hill, 54, was a 29-year-old businesswoman rushing to meet a friend in South London when her life changed forever.

Catching a local train, her legs were trapped between the platform and the train as she attempted to board. She lost both her legs, and after being given 12 pints of blood, was lucky to be alive. But, that wasn't the end of her nightmare, as the train company tried to prosecute her for trespassing and five-year legal battle ensued.

Now 25 years later, Diana has put pen to paper releasing a book about her experience and says although she's lucky to be alive, the notion of 'what if...' continues to haunt her.

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