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Dr Chris Saved My Life - the lowdown on Lyme disease

With increasing reports recently stating a rise in Lyme disease cases, we meet one woman whose life was saved after watching Dr Chris on This Morning explaining the symptoms. Dr Chris is joined by Dr James Logan, an expert in tropical disease, to discuss whether we really do have an epidemic on our hands and what we can do to protect ourselves.

How to remove ticks

Generally one is more likely to become infected if the tick remains attached to the skin for more than 24 hours. But ticks are very small and their bites are not painful, so one might not realise a tick is attached until they find it.

Dr Logan explains: "There are a lot of myths surrounding the correct removal of ticks. Some people say that you should burn a tick off or use tweezers and twist the tick out, but these are the worst things you can do. These methods shock the tick making them sick, the sick then goes into your blood stream and Lyme disease is contracted. You can buy tick removal kicks or if you do use tweezers make sure they are fine and do not twist as you pull.

1. Tick Card: A credit card sized tick remover which will fit into your wallet

2. Tick Tweezers: More accurate than conventional tweezers, with a long handle making it easy for those with limited dexterity to operate

3. Tick Twister: Cradles the tick's body without compressing the abdomen and has a silicone grip handle - ideal for use when hands are wet

Lyme disease helplines

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