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Dyslexia helplines

Advice and information for people who need to find out more about dyslexia

NHS Choices - Dyslexia


Dyslexia is a common type of learning difficulty that primarily affects the skills involved in the reading and spelling of words. This website provides comprehensive information as well as links to external sites.

British Dyslexia Association

Helpline: 0333 405 4567


The vision of the British Dyslexia Association is a dyslexia friendly society enabling all dyslexic people to reach their potential. They campaign and lobby for long lasting and sustainable change for the benefit of dyslexic people and provide impartial and objective advice and support to dyslexic people and those with whom they come into contact

Dyslexia Action


Dyslexia can affect anyone of any age. It is estimated that 10% of people over 16 in the UK alone have dyslexia to some degree. It is our aim to remove the barriers facing those with dyslexia by providing help and support to those with dyslexia and other specific learning difficulties.

Being Dyslexic


Being Dyslexic provides a range of dyslexia information for people of all ages and situations who are either dyslexic or interested in dyslexia. Everything on Being Dyslexic is free and accessible for anyone to use and share. Being Dyslexic also hosts one of the largest dyslexia community forums on the internet - so why not pop along today and discuss dyslexia with other people!

Weekdays 10am-12:30pm ITV