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Dyslexia & Dyspraxia help and info




British Dyslexia Association

Helpline:  0333 405 4567


Local Dyslexia Associations

The vision of the British Dyslexia Association is a dyslexia friendly society enabling all dyslexic people to reach their potential.  They campaign and lobby for long lasting and sustainable change for the benefit of dyslexic people and provide impartial and objective advice and support to dyslexic people and those with whom they come into contact.

Dyslexia Association

Helpline:  01159 246 888  


We provide support and services for dyslexic children and adults of all ages, their parents/families, educators, employers and the wider community.  Enriching the lives of people who have dyslexia is at the heart of our charity.  We enable dyslexic children and adults of all ages and backgrounds and help them to live happy, productive lives and reach their full potential.

Dyslexia Action

Speak to us:  01784 222 304


Dyslexia can affect anyone of any age. It is estimated that 10% of people over 16 in the UK alone have dyslexia to some degree. It is our aim to remove the barriers facing those with dyslexia by providing help and support to those with dyslexia and other specific learning difficulties.


Dyspraxia Foundation

Helpline:  01462 454986 (9-1 Tuesday-Friday)

Helpline Form


The Foundation seeks every opportunity to increase understanding of Dyspraxia, particularly among professionals in health and education and encourages its local groups to do the same. It continues to encourage the smaller local groups to thrive and develop their own ideas and to distribute information and fundraise for themselves.  Our helpline is available to help you with problems and issues you may encounter; offering help and advice to people with dyspraxia, parents, carers, and families about or on the subject of dyspraxia.

Dyspraxic Adults


The idea behind the website was to provide a community forum where adults could seek information and advice on Dyspraxia in Adults.  The forum has been steadily growing since and today provides the largest resource of information for adults with dyspraxia.

The Dyslexia Shop

Contact: 01394 671 818


The Dyslexia Shop is a family run business based in Felixstowe, Suffolk which stocks thousands of carefully selected products to help people with Dyslexia and special educational needs / learning difficulties.

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