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Epilepsy helplines



Epilepsy Action

Helpline:  0808 800 5050

Living with Epilepsy

We are here because we believe that every person with epilepsy deserves to feel supported and reassured. No-one deserves to be alone and isolated.  We help you to Get answers to your questions.  Connect with others at an Epilepsy Action group.  Get 1-1 support through our befriending service.  And, find local support (including counselling) in Northern Ireland and Wales.

Epilepsy Society

Action Helpline:  01494 601 400

Living with epilepsy

Epilepsy Society is the UK’s leading provider of epilepsy services.  Through our cutting edge research, awareness campaigns, information resources and expert care, we work for everyone affected by epilepsy in the UK.

The Brain Charity

Tel:  0151 298 2999


At The Brain Charity, we champion neurodiversity and help anyone affected by a neurological condition to pick up the pieces so they can rebuild their lives and achieve their potential.  For someone newly diagnosed with a neurological condition, life may become very lonely and frightening.  People can lose control of their lives and many face unemployment, poverty and social isolation.  There are more than 600 different conditions affecting the brain, spinal cord or nervous system - The Brain Charity is the only charity in the UK to be here for every single one of them.

Young Epilepsy

For Young People

For Parents / Care Givers

Epilepsy can be one of the most frightening and isolating conditions a child can experience. There’s a loss of all sense of safety – not knowing when and where their next seizure will happen, who’ll be there and whether they’ll be hurt.  We’ve led the way in an inclusive, progressive and nurturing approach to the education and support of children and young people with epilepsy.

Support Dogs UK

Telephone:  0114 261 7800

UK Charity dedicated to improving the quality of life for people with epilepsy and physical disabilities as well as children with autism by training dogs to act as efficient and safe assistants.  Each dog is taught tasks tailored to his owner’s needs, enabling them to lead fuller, safer and more independent lives.

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Weekdays 10am-12:30pm