Simon Thomas on the loss of his wife Gemma

Plan A was shredded. I’m just trying to work out how to say goodbye to Plan A. How do you move on? You can’t just move on. There is so much to process. When I’m ready to move on… then I’ll look at Plan B.

Simon Thomas

In his first interview since his wife Gemma died, Simon Thomas joins us to talk about how he’s coping with the loss. It was back in November that his wife visited her doctors to complain of a headache, but it wasn't until her third visit to the doctors in under a week, and a dash to A&E, that she was eventually diagnosed with acute myeloid leukaemia.

Three days later she passed away, leaving Simon and their eight-year-old son Ethan to carry on with their lives without her.

Now, the TV presenter wants to raise awareness of the illness that took Gemma’s life. Simon joins us alongside Gemma’s consultant Dr Andy Peniket to talk about the condition alongside his struggles with losing Gemma and raising Ethan as a single dad.