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Fab at 50!

In the second of our Fab at 50! series, Liz Earle, Lisa Snowdon and Tonia Butxon discuss how their skincare routines have changed since hitting the big five-o.

And from a homemade body scrub to a skin-boosting smoothie, Liz shares her top tips for keeping your skin looking radiant in your 50’s and beyond!

Exclusive Q&A with Liz

 What are the things that make you feel most fabulous?  

A kind word from a friend, a hug from one of my children and the endorphin rush from lifting really heavy weights.


What do you think is key / most important in order for women to embrace ageing?

Check out your hormone health. All women lose oestrogen with age, usually from our early-mid forties onwards. Reclaiming lost hormones with HRT can be the most important piece of health advice for ageing well for all women.


What is the best advice you've ever been given and do you follow it?

I was prescribed HRT and take that daily without fail. I also take time to get outside for some movement in fresh air every day without fail. I was told to get my exercise done and out of the way first thing, before the day crowds in, and this is a great tip.


What could you not do without? 

A good night’s sleep! I am pretty resilient both physically and mentally, and can multitask, but only if I get a decent night’s sleep. I absolutely protect that, with early nights, no screens before bed, a magnesium supplement in the evening and lavender oil on my pillow… it works!


Do you have a new year mantra for 2022?

After two dreadful years, including lockdowns and divorce,  it’s time to focus on getting fitter, healthier – and happier – than ever before.


What do you hope this series will give viewers? 

The inspiration and knowledge that it is never too late to make a genuine difference to how you look and feel.

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