False accusations helplines

FASO (False Allegation Support Organisation)

Helpline: 0844 335 1992


Offers clear information, practical advice, and emotional support to anyone affected by false accusation.

Falsely Accused of Rape Forum


This forum is for those who have been falsely accused of raping someone, or possibly for those who have made a false accusation of rape and need advice.

Falsely Accused


From Arrest, to Charge, to Criminal Trial, to Criminal Appeals, we have the expertise to assist you. Specialists in: Rape & Sexual Offences, Murder & Serious Fraud cases. falselyaccused.co.uk is a fiercely independent specialist expert firm dealing solely in false allegations and wrongful convictions for serious criminal offences concerning Rape & Sexual Offences, Murder and Serious Fraud. We are not a support organisation and our service is not a voluntary one, while this site provides lots of information and advice online, and information that you can download free of charge, it does not attempt to provide it’s services for free, it is not a sustainable business model. We as a firm are acutely aware that there exists a two-tier justice system.

Accused Me


Have you been falsely accused of rape, another serious sexual offence or domestic violence? Have you been ‘framed’ by a malicious lie? Or has this happened to someone you love or care about?

accused.me.uk has information that may assist through the difficult months ahead, when you are the subject of a police investigation into the most sensitive parts of your life. A life where the innocent party in this allegation is you, and the guilty party is the one who is trying to frame you. accused.me.uk also campaigns for changes to UK law affecting people who are accused of sexual offences. We believe that people accused of sexual offences should be afforded lifelong anonymity in the press and social media unless proven guilty – like complainants about these the offences are

Please note, that in no part of this site, or in any of our support to you, are we able to offer legal advice. For that, you need to find a criminal solicitor.