Former Tavistock therapist claims doctors are over diagnosing transgender children

In recent years the number of children reporting gender dysphoria has skyrocketed, with around 48 children a week now being referred to the NHS’ Tavistock Child Transgender Clinic.

But is this boom in numbers down to medical practitioners wrongly prescribing treatment without enough assessment?

A mother is now taking legal action against the Tavistock Clinic to try and stop them giving hormone-blockers to her 15-year-old daughter, who has autism. She claims the clinic misinform families, and thinks urgent action needs to be taken to strengthen the rules on prescribing hormone-blocking therapy.

Today we’re joined by former Tavistock therapist Sue Evans, who after becoming alarmed at the speed in which the clinic offered treatment to children, has now become a whistleblower in support of the mother’s legal action.