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Fridge or cupboard? The ultimate food storage guide

Fridge or cupboard? It’s been the source of debate in most British households but now, new guidance from the government’s watchdog on food waste hopes to settle any disagreements once and for all.

Covering everything from aubergines and eggs to pasta and rice, the guide aims to encourage shoppers to limit food waste - which is on the rise in the UK after the easing of lockdown.

So should eggs really be kept in the fridge? And are tomatoes better in the fruit bowl? Alice Beer's got everything you need to know.

Helpful hacks to prevent food wastage

  • Keep sliced apples and pears in the freezer after quickly boiling.

  • Aubergines can be frozen as long as they are sliced and grilled beforehand.

  • Parsnips can be frozen after being blanched in boiling water.

  • Buy a big block of hard cheese before grating it and freezing it to eat later.

  • Soft drinks that have gone flat are great for freezing into ice lollies.

Weekdays 10am-12:30pm ITV