Friends and family relationships helplines

Use our helplines to find out more information and advice on relationships with friends and family


Helpline: 0800 1111

Family Relationships


Peer Pressure

ChildLine is a counselling service for children and young people. You can contact ChildLine in these ways: You can phone on 0800 1111, send us an email, have a 1-2-1 chat with us, send a message to Ask Sam and you can post messages to the ChildLine message boards. You can contact ChildLine about anything - no problem is too big or too small. If you are feeling scared or out of control or just want to talk to someone you can contact ChildLine.

Get Connected

Helpline: 0808 808 4994

Helps under-25s with a wide range of issues and can put you in touch with the right sort of help near you no matter what your worry. Get Connected is also a friendly website for children and young people whose parents are splitting up.


Helpline: 0208 896 3675 (Monday & Thurs 6.30-9.30pm)

Youth2Youth (Y2Y) is a unique helpline service. The reason it is unique is that the helpline is run by young people for young people. Many young people find it difficult to talk to adults; some do not trust them and often young people feel older people just do not understand. Considering the difficulties some young people face when talking to adults there are very few opportunities to contact alternative services. Here at Y2Y we provide that alternative. Our helpline staff are all young people themselves who have been specially trained to help. They are supervised and supported by qualified adult counsellors.

Young Minds

Parents' helpline: 0808 802 5544

For young people

National charity committed to improving the mental health of all children and young people. Their Parents Information Service provides advice for any adult with concerns about a child or young person.


Avoiding family flashpoints

Friendship ruts

Making new friends is the first place young people should check for advice, information and support on sex, relationships, drugs, drink, health and wellbeing.

Epic Friends

Common issues

This site is all about helping you to help your friends who might be struggling to cope emotionally.


Are you feeling down, depressed or worried? Is your mind full of negative thoughts or questions? Do you want to talk about your mental health? If so, MindFull is the place for you! MindFull is a brilliant new service for 11-17 year olds, providing support, information and advice about mental health and emotional wellbeing; helping you to overcome life's ups and downs and feel confident and happy about who you are. You choose the type of support you receive and, because MindFull is online, you can get it whenever you want it, wherever you are. MindFull is here to help you get better; and we'll also give you tools and tips to help you get through those tough times that may arise in the future. We know that asking for help is not always easy, but MindFull is a safe and trustworthy space where you can choose the right support for you.

Kids in the Middle

Kids in the Middle is peer mentoring service provided by trained young people who have experienced family separation. It is a service for young people, provided by young people - and it is being funded by young people too. This will be the first service for children ever funded entirely by teenagers! Kids in the Middle will be a place where the experiences of children in separating families can be told, a place where they can find re-assurance from their peers that their situation is not their fault and that it is OK to seek support. We will design the service for 12-16 year olds, but will structure it so that it is accessible and easy to understand for younger children too, they will find expert advice and signposts to places where they can get further help of different kinds.

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