Get crafty with Dragons' Den's Sara Davies

She’s got a reputation for being a Dragon but also for being a bit crafty! Star of Dragons' Den and crafting queen Sara Davies explains how we can get crafting with the fabric we find around the house.

She’s showing us how to upskirt old pillowcases and t-shirts into multifunctional bags, perfect for make-up, children's toys or even dirty scrubs to help out our hero doctors and nurses.


The idea came about so that the scrubs can be taken home to be washed inside the bag. These material bags can be put straight into the machine and washed at a high temperature and therefore also reduce the use of plastic bags.

What you will need

Two fat quarters OR half metre of fabric

Two 19x2.5” wide fabric strips

Two 1 metre pieces of cord

A safety pin

You will need to have material that is 100% cotton, as the bag will be washed numerous times at a high heat. An old duvet sheet works well for this! It’s preferable to use a sewing machine to make the bags strong and ensure they don’t fray or loosen at all, as it is important that the scrubs stay firmly in the bag when they are taken home.


  • Take each fabric strip and press in half with the wrong sides facing and turn in each end by half an inch

  • Place one folded strip centrally along the top edge of one of the bag pieces with right sides together, matching the raw edges. Stitch in place on your overlocker. If you are using a sewing machine, you will need to do a straight stitch then zigzag or overcast the raw edges throughout.

  • Repeat step 2 with the remaining pieces

  • Place the pieces right sides together and stitch down both sides and along the bottom

  • If you want to square off the bottom of the bag, take a corner and bring the side seam and bottom seam together so they nest and form a triangle. Stitch across about 2” from the tip. Repeat on the other corner.

  • Turn the bag through and add two drawstrings to finish