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Get fit for Feb with the latest crazes

We're looking at the funnest ways to keep fit right through February and beyond! From shaking your booty like Beyoncé to grown-up skipping, there's plenty of great alternatives to the gym that are still guaranteed to make you sweat.

To prove it we're speaking to instructors of some of the newest fitness classes to sweep the country, Seen on Screen, Punk Rope, Konga and Hula-Hooping, while a group of mums test them out!

And, if you can't afford to fork out for fitness, don't worry, as we'll also reveal the top five YouTube workouts that can be done at home, free of charge!

SEEN ON SCREENInstructor: Bonnie Parsons seenonscreenfitness.com

KONGA Instructor: Danielle Satsias thejunglebody.com

PUNK ROPE Instructor: Lisa Faircloughpunkrope.com

HULA-HOOPING Instructor: Pavitri Wypior


TRAIN LIKE AN ANGEL youtube.com/watch?v=yGLnQdx0d4U



NATALIE JILL FITNESSyoutube.com/user/nataliejillfitness

FITNESS BLENDERyoutube.com/user/FitnessBlender

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