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Guess the Gadget is back!

I definitely can't write what is going through my head!

Holly Willoughby

Steve Wilson is back with his selection of weird and wonderful gadgets... but exactly WHAT are they used for?

Phillip and Holly have 20 seconds to work them out, but this time they're not only against the clock - they are against each other!

  • Yolk Hero Egg Separator, Lakeland £6.99

  • The Original Ostrich Pillow Studio, Firebox £64

  • Rainbow Cocktail Layering Tool, Firebox £19.99

  • Blooming Bath for Babies, Amazon £45

  • The Paw Wash - Brushless Dog Paw Wash, Oz and Mur Curious £25.99

  • C-String Invisible Underwear, Lovehoney £16.99

  • Doctor Who Sonic Screwdriver Universal Remote Control from £59.99

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