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Help with hair loss

Hair loss can be difficult to come to terms with. Your hair can define your identity, reflecting the image you have of yourself and how you want others to see you.

If you start to lose your hair, it can feel as if you are losing part of your identity, and this can affect self-confidence and sometimes lead to depression.

But help is on hand. Today hair expert Leo Bancroft has advice and tips for balding, thinning hair - and wigs. And joining him, we have three viewers who got in touch and are all suffering various different types of hair loss due to different reasons, including stress, ageing and illness.

Model 1: Elaine

KERASTASEDensifique Concentrate, £46 (box of 10) and £95 (box of 30)Densifique Bain, £17Densifique Masque, £14.90Densifique Morphose, £19.50Aminexil Force R, £29.50 (box of 10) and £115 (box of 40)

PHILIP KINGSLEYScalp Toner, £19Stimulating Scalp Mask, £5.50PK4HAIR, £22Elasticizer, £27.50Maximizer, £13.45

Model 2: Bernard Doyle

TOPPIKHair Building Fibers, £15.95Hair Perfecting Tool Kit, £34.95Spray Applicator, £15.95Hairline Optimizer, £5.95

MANESeal and Control Spray, £4Seal and Shine Spray, £4Hair Loss Fibres, £15Shampoos and Conditioners, £6 per bottle

Model 3: Emily WelfareEmily wears different wigs sourced from Trendco.co.uk

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