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Headaches, migraine and pain management helplines



Cluster Headaches

Hormone Headaches


Find everything you need to know about Migraine including causes, symptoms, diagnosis and treatment, with links to other useful resources.


Helpline: 0800 6696 824


Here at OUCH (UK) you will find all the support, information, advice, understanding and encouragement that you will ever need to cope with the devastating condition of Cluster Headaches.


The Migraine Trust

Helpline: 0808 802 0066 (M-F 10-2)


Every day we are contacted by people affected by migraine who need information and support. Our Helpline team offers free, confidential information and support for everyone affected by migraine.

The Migraine Trust seeks to empower, inform, and support those affected by migraine while educating health professionals and actively funding and disseminating research. We are committed to supporting people living with migraine by providing them and their families with evidence based information.  We seek to raise migraine as a serious public health issue.

National Migraine Centre

Tel: 0207 251 3322


National Migraine Centre, formerly the City of London Migraine Clinic is a registered national charity independent of the NHS. We have been at the forefront of primary headache research as well as treating sufferers of migraine and cluster headache for over 30 years. We see patients and train GPs from all over the UK. For your personal treatment plan and long-term relief book an appointment to see one of our specialist doctors on 0207 251 3322 or request an appointment online.


Brain and Spine Foundation

Helpline: 0808 808 1000 Talk to a Nurse

Migraine Factsheet

The Brain and Spine Helpline is a service run by neuroscience nurses. The helpline covers all brain and spine conditions, from fairly common to the very rare, and can offer information and support on any medical or related social and emotional issues of concern.

Pain Management

NHS – Living with pain

10 ways to reduce pain

Help and advice from the NHS on painful conditions and pain control.

Pain Concern

Helpline: 0300 123 0789


Our Primary Goals are to produce information on pain using a variety of media platforms. To provide support to people with pain and those who care for them and to campaign to raise awareness about pain and improve the provision of pain management services.

Action on Pain

PainLine: 0845 6031593 


Action on Pain was formed in 1998 with the aims of providing support and advice for people who are affected by chronic pain. Run entirely by volunteers many of whom either have or are affected by chronic pain we promote the positive side of living with chronic pain. Our friendly "down to earth" approach is appreciated by many which has helped the charity become a major national and international organisation which still retains the "simple and informal" approach to helping people. 

Pain Support


The PainSupport website is packed with pain relief techniques for those with chronic pain. There is also a regular email, Newsletter, a lively Discussion Forum and a Contact Club for making new friends, plus our Shop for books, relaxation CDs and downloads. All the ideas and techniques on this website can be used to enhance any medical treatment you may be having. No matter where your pain - back pain, neck pain, knee or leg pain, arthritis, sciatica, fibromyalgia, or pain from any other condition, there is help for you here, on the PainSupport website.

The Pain Toolkit


A persistent pain problem can be difficult to understand and manage on an everyday basis. The Pain Toolkit is a simple information booklet that could provide you with some handy tips and skills to support you along the way to managing your pain. It is not meant to be the last word in pain self-management but a handy guide to help you get started - all you need to be is willing to read it and take on board some of the suggestions.

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