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Hillary Clinton: 'I try ... to do the best I can'

I have to decide that it is the right thing for me and it is the right thing for my country at this time

Hillary Clinton on running for President

Hillary Clinton's life already makes her an exceptional one-off in a country full of extremes. First Lady, Senator and then Secretary of State, she is the most-talked-about woman in the world.

Now, her life is about to get even crazier - before the year is out she will have decided whether or not to make a second gruelling run for President.

Before making the biggest decision of her life, Hillary has been relaxing (by her standards) by writing a 635-page book, Hard Choices, on her work as America's Secretary of State. In her only ITV interview, Hillary Clinton joins us live today...

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Hillary Clinton joins This Morning for her only ITV interview

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