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How to have dinner with your dog

It’s the latest craze to hit the culinary world - do you fancy sharing lamb kofta with your Labrador, or how about soup with your Shih Tzu?

Dylan Watkins joins us to explain why he believes that humans and dogs should share fresh food together and to prepare a few doggy treats for us.

Consult your vet before making any changes to your dog's diet.

How to change your dog's diet

Changing your dog to a raw food diet is easy and takes just a couple of tweaks to your daily schedule.

  • Get the storage right

  • Find out how much to feed

  • Order the food

  • Make the switch

  • Get into the rhythm

How much to feed your dog

A dog only needs 2-3% of its weight, roughly per day in raw food. So if your dog weighs 10kg, they need 300g of food.

Lamb koftas

1⁄2 pack of best lean lamb mince / pinch of cumin seeds / egg / salt and pepper

Bone broth soup

Soup to be served from a pan with a ladle into 4 bowls

1 x chicken carcass/ full chicken / 1 x stick of lemon grass / 1 x thumb of fresh grated turmeric / Stick of celery - cleaned and headed and tailed / Large Carrot (whole) - cleaned and headed and tailed / Large bunch of parsley stalks / Squeeze a lemon or lime / Pinch of sea salt / bay leaf


100g of cooked bulgur wheat / 4 x large bunches of curly leaf parsley

1 x big plum tomato chopped (fresh) / 1⁄4 of cucumber chopped - poppy loves this / 1 x freshly squeezed lemons / Pinch of salt

Sweet potato chips

Sweet potatoes & seasoning are great as a dog treat

Foods you MUST avoid

- Onions

- Grapes and raisins

- Avocados

- Chocolate

- Xylitol

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